Why You Should Buy Whiskey Stones

Whiskey StonesWhiskey stones are a fantastic gift to any whiskey enthusiast. I have two sets of these stones at home ready to go at all times! They are the perfect way to chill your whiskey enough to bring it to a delicious temperature without watering the whiskey down.

We’re not saying water is bad! Typically to reveal all the natural flavors of a whiskey and to remove the sharpness of the alcohol, you need to add a splash of water. The problem with ice is it gives you an inconsistently different taste every time you take a sip.  Each minute the ice melts a little more which removes more and more of the natural flavors from your whiskey turning your last few sips into a watered down caramel flavored wooden taste that is just painful to see.  It’s like seeing a close friend after 5 years just to see they’ve really let them selves go.  (Not to be confused with the entitling feeling of seeing an ex who has let them selves go.)

Whiskey Stones are Greater than Ice

Also nothing is worse than seeing someone fill a glass to the brim with ice just to pour a measly two ounces of whiskey into this impossible to drink trap that you can’t help but look like an idiot dumping ice all over yourself while trying to catch a sip. It’s cruel to treat people this way.

Last but not least if you are without whiskey stones and need to use ice, try to find the largest ice cubes you can. The larger the ice cube is, the longer it will take to melt. This at least will give you some adequate time to enjoy the whiskey without the need of shooting it down before it turns into a watered down embarrassment of a beverage.

Click below to see and purchase the whiskey stones we recommend. You should also buy two of them, just incase you either drink a lot or have a lot of friends who drink whiskey.

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