New Bud Light Slogan Gets Pulled – Remove No from Vocabulary

Bud Light Slogan
Bud Light Slogan

Bud Light, in an attempt to change up their marketing, released a new slogan to pair with their #UpForWhatever campaign trying to entice people to stop being negative and enjoy yourself, of course with a few bud lights. The problem with the slogan is the messaging that is used to convey their point.

It’s unclear how many bottles made it out with this print, but a reddit user initially caught the slogan and posted the photo describing how creepy the slogan was.  Bud Light later apologized and pulled the slogan from the campaign on April 27th.

Bud Light Slogan

The perfect beer for removing “no” from your vocabulary for the night.

This is a combination of disconnect from current events, bad timing, and having the wrong people in the room. With the spike in exposure to sexual assaults in the media over the past few years, (which is a good thing to wake people up) and several groups campaigning for “No Means No” across the US, it’s mind boggling these even made it to the final rounds of discussion.

We understand that in order to make one good idea, you need to run through a lot of bad ideas. Honestly we don’t believe Bud Light created this slogan with any intention to linking this to sexual assault, but we feel at least one person in the room should have thrown a red flag on this.

Like we discussed, Rush Limbaugh released a statement on Bud Light’s response to remove their new slogan and issue an apology by saying it was was overblown because “there’s no such thing as ‘rape culture’ in America.”

Read the full article on Rush Limbaugh’s response on

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Bud Light Slogan Poster

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