Proper Nosing Whiskey Glasses

Bellemain Whiskey Glasses

Some people feel the vessel doesn’t matter and that it’s all about the journey.  The question you need to ask is if you’re happy traveling in a junker with no seat belts and a faulty airbag.  Sure your parents didn’t need that crap in the 70’s, but that was because cars were tanks, not this pile of plastic and aluminum that disintegrates when you hit a squirrel.

Whiskey should be enjoyed for the whiskey and not for all the bells and whistles that you may buy to go along with it, but when you’re looking to release and savor the notes of vanilla, citrus, and wood, you need the proper glass to help capture those aromas while they mature after the pour.  Like a red wine does well breathing a bit before you drink it, a good whiskey tastes even better when you can capture all the aromas being released from that beautiful nectar of life.

Bellemain Whiskey Glasses

The most common whiskey glass shape is the tulip.  With a typical capacity of 6 ounces, they leave plenty of room from a standard 2 ounce pour to allow the aromas to gather in the swell of the glass and exchange with the air to mature into the delicious aromas they are.

Typical straight sided whiskey tumblers (like you see commonly on this show) tend to let the aromas escape before they properly mature.  Because of the tapered opening, they can’t help but be trapped into the glass waiting to be consumed by your soul.

We recommend these Bellemain Whiskey Glasses because they are a great quality for almost half the price you would typically pay for the Glencairn tulip whiskey glasses, but you will notice the Glencairn whiskey glasses do feel to be thicker and heavier giving you a more solid feel.  Either way you can’t go wrong with either of these. You’ll thank me later.

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