The Glenlivet 12 Year Scotch Review – Great Scotch

The Glenlivet 12 year is a great all around scotch. In our review of the Glenlivet 12 we discuss how this was one of our first scotches in the game. This is especially a great scotch for folks who are new to the whiskey and scotch world as it’s a very straight forward smooth scotch you can find almost anywhere. Most bars will carry this scotch including smaller bars which may have this as their top shelf non peat available dram.

The Glenlivet 12

To the nose the Glenlivet boasts of honey and fruits such as dried apples while vanilla and pineapple follow through with the taste.  The Glenlivet 12 is matured in American and European oak barrels and is distilled at the Glenlivet distillery out of the Speyside.

Typically you will find a 750 ml bottle of the Glenlivet 12 for about $40-$45 with some people claiming they have found this at local grocers for $30.  If you find this for $30, you need to pick up several bottles as this is a fantastic price.  If someone is just getting into scotch or has been drinking scotch for a while you can’t go wrong with this bottle as a gift.

The Glenlivet 12 year scotch

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