Sip of Sunshine IPA Review

This week we review the Sip of Sunshine IPA with our special guest Carlos, lead guitarist and backup vocals for the band Jodie. Sip of Sunshine is made at a microbrewery up Lawson’s Finest Liquids in Warren Vermont with a new additional brewery opened up in Stratford Connecticut.

Sip of Sunshine

This very delicious IPA is 8% ABV hits you with a refreshing hoppy citrus wave of goodness. Similar to the Heady Topper, as soon as you crack this can, the hoppy aroma fills the room.

Unlike Heady, this is a bit more reserved with the hoppy taste and feels a bit more on the citrus side and slightly sweeter and less bitter. Also the hoppy taste doesn’t linger like the Heady Topper does giving you more of a crisp refreshing finish.

This is a fantastic beer that is a must get up when doing the Vermont beer runs.  Plus the Sip of Sunshine is a bit easier to find now that it’s brewed in two locations.  Depending on what day of the week you’re out depends on where you should shop.  Check out this list of distributors to find Sip of Sunshine!


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