Heady Topper from The Alchemist

This is a very exciting week as we get to sample one of, if not the best beer available.  Heady Topper from The Alchemist in Waterbury Vermont has been labeled the best beer in October of 2014 according to Beer Advocate and to be honest, I can’t disagree.  Jason on the other hand isn’t on the same page.  I remember from my first sip last year all of the amazing flavors that came along with this double IPA was something I have never forgotten, and that says a lot when it comes to a beer.

Although we split the beer into steins, Heady Topper recommends you drink the beer straight from the can.  The beer is a little on the pricey side at roughly $4-5 per can, with some people reporting pricing being as much as $18 per can out in Washington D.C.

Heady Topper

8% ABV

Pour: From the first crack of the can the hops hit your nose with such aggression it’s intoxicating.  The pour is a nice golden yellow and decently cloudy filling to a somewhat fine 3/4″ foam line.

Taste: A huge punch of hoppy flavor.  A lot of citrus, but not a ton that you get the old fruit smell.  It stays very crisp throughout the entire drink.  I can’t even explain the amount of hops you taste, it’s just so damn good.

Wait: A slightly dry but lingering amazing taste.  Doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth at all.   The cans should be consumed within a few weeks of brewing as the taste will change in the can.  Not that it skunks but there is a noticeable difference between a 1 week old can and a 4 week old can.

If you’re heading up to Vermont, you need to skip the Ben & Jerry’s visit and find a place that sells the Heady Topper. Now you can’t buy it from the brewery so check out these local stores that stock Heady Topper.

Heady Topper Poster

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