How to Brew Beer – With IncrediBREW

In this episode we show you how to brew beer. Brewing your own beer can be a tedious, messy, and awesome experience that leaves you wondering why you’re working the standard 9 to 5 dead end job when you could be creating this magic potion that makes the world go round. Now you can follow us along at home by using a Mr. Beer kit or similar home brewing rig but we recommend coming up to IncrediBREW, the first do-it-yourself brewery in the country located in Nashua NH and use their commercial grade brewing equipment available to anyone who is ready to learn how to brew beer.

How To Brew Beer

We were lucky enough to sit down with IncrediBREW owner Erik Croswell, who walked us through all the steps needed to brew our very own custom beer.

At IncrediBREW anyone can come in and choose to brew the over 200 beer recipes available, or of course, create your own special brew. Being scotch lovers, we decided to brew the Scotch Ale, clocking in at 8.5% ABV and we were able to add a little special bottle of Monkey Shoulder to the batch as well.

When learning how to brew beer there are a lot of steps you need to remember.  After prepping your kettle of water you then:

  • Weigh out your grains, grind them up to release their flavors and colors, and let them steep.
  • Next you add your malts and sugars to help create the alcohol and let that come to a boil.
  • Then we add our hops for flavoring, body, and aroma.
  • Once the brew is done cooking it needs to cool down before the yeast is added.  We then add the yeast and let it ferment for roughly a week
  • On the second week carbonation is added and then it’s time to bottle or you can drink straight from the aging keg.

We chose to learn how to brew beer at IncrediBREW because of the experience. When you’re using a Mr. Beer kit, it’s mostly (if not all) made from plastic and it feels like you’re just adding packets to water.  By visiting Erik we felt like we were part of the whole process making a real beer people are going to enjoy.  Plus we didn’t have to deal with the mess and angry wives at home.

Along with the different brews available, IncrediBREW also offers a lot of cloned beers like Teady Hopper (Heady Topper clone) which is so close I can’t tell the two apart! They also offer wine and old fashion soda brewing for those of you who aren’t too fond of beer.

How To Brew Beer

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