WhistlePig 12 Year Old World Rye Whiskey

Today we are very excited to review the WhistlePig 12 Year Old World rye whiskey. WhistlePig sent this to us after they saw our review of the WhistlePig 10 Year 100% Rye we had done a few weeks ago.

WhistlePig 12 Year Old World

The WhistlePig 12 Year Old World, similar to the WhistlePig 10 year, is aged in a double barrel process, but the Old World is then finished in three special  Madeira, Sauternes, and Port casks.

From the distiller:

12 Year Old World is the product of a carefully selected marriage of three finishes that highlights their distinctive flavors to create an exceptionally balanced spirit. The 2015 San Francisco Spirits Competition Double Gold award winning Old World Series unites the bold attributes of rye whiskey with the grace and elegance of the finest European casks, yielding an ultra-premium straight rye, distinctly American, but hearkening to its stately Old World roots.

What makes a rye different from a typical whiskey is it’s base make up. In the US, in order to be called a rye, the ingredients must contain 51% or more rye in the grain makeup as opposed to corn.

Learn more about the WhistlePig farm in Vermont, the distilling process, and the delicious whiskeys at the WhistlePig Farm Website.

Whistle Pig 12 Year Old World

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