Jameson Distillery Tour Dublin Ireland

This week in a very special episode we’re excited to show you the Jameson distillery tour.  Jameson was kind enough to offer us a private tour of their retired distillery in Dublin Ireland. We’re joined by Niall who walked us through the history, passion, hard work, and dedication, that made Jameson the brand it is today.

Amazing Character Throughout the Entire Distillery

The atmosphere in the lobby is intoxicatingly welcoming. As you walk in, you’re surrounded with architectural wonders from the ceiling to the floor.

To the right is an astounding bar area filled with brick and character. To the left, is a gift shop and a fill your own bottle of limited edition Jameson pouring straight from the cask.

Jameson Distillery Tour

The floor filled with glass showing the old tunnels and runways in the basement of the distillery.

As you walk through the history of the craft, you start with the grains.  It was backbreaking work to move and prepare the grains to start germinating.  They were soaked for two days before being laid out in a hot humid room to trick them into thinking it’s sprint time to germinate.

Then germinated grains and un germinated grains are mixed and ground into grist.  Then this grist is added to water and beat around in the mash tun to release their natural sugars.  When that’s complete, the mash is moved over to the wash-back where they sit for the next 60 hours.  Yeast is added and the mixture begins producing alcohol.

After the 60 hours, the mixture is ready to be distilled.  Jameson had decided at that time it would add a third distillation process before their whiskeys were added to the casks.  Then, after the whiskey has aged, it’s time to blend the sherry, port, and bourbon cask whiskey.

You admire how much thought, work, and patience would go into making every bottle. Finally before you go, a sampling of a few different whiskeys, and finally you can sit and enjoy a Jameson prepared the way you want it.

This place is a must to visit if you’re traveling!

Jameson Distillery Tour Lobby

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