Blizzard of 2015 Snowfall Time Lapse With Scotch

With the recording breaking blizzard of 2015 we have decided to officially measure the storm snowfall in the proper measurement of how many bottles of scotch.  Watch the video to learn how many bottles of scotch in snow had fallen from the late January 2015 blizzard.

Blizzard Juno came through the north east late Monday night on January 26th and stayed with us through Wednesday January 28th.  Snowfall totals ranged between 24 inches to over 30 inches between western Massachusetts through Boston and all the way up through Maine. Some schools preemptively announced closings for Tuesday and Wednesday that Monday night, with some schools closing until Friday.

The winds that came along with the blizzard developed snow drifts over 6 feet high in some places leaving some people with barely any snow while others were given multiple feet over the projected 24 to 36 inch standard snowfall.  A travel ban was established Tuesday morning starting at 12AM and continued through Thursday morning at 6AM to give snow removal crews the space and time they needed to clear the streets.

A Blizzard To Remember

This blizzard surpassed the famous blizzard of 78′ everyone and their mother seems to talk about whenever we seem to get a dusting of snow leaving us now with something to talk about to our kids. As it turns out this seemed to be the perfect time for our snowblower to to break down as I hit a rough patch of ice leaving us to finish our snow removal by hand.  Now the debate is whether we wait until the spring to grab a new snow blower on sale or if we bite the bullet now and pay full price for a new beautiful gas powered beast.

Macallan Blizzard Image

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