The Dalmore 12 Year Highland Scotch Whisky Review

We’re excited to bring a long-time favorite onto the show. The Dalmore 12 Year whisky has been a personal favorite of ours for many years. This full-bodied highland scotch whisky is very sweet and smooth.

The delicious influence in this whisky comes from the aging process. After the first 9 years of aging, the barrels are tapped to transfer half of the 9-year-old whiskey and aged for 4 years within Spanish oloroso sherry casks. After the four years, the two half barrels are then reintroduced to each other to marry the flavors bringing out a fantastic sweet vanilla profile.

We’ve all had experience with the Dalmore 12 year however it’s a shame that we haven’t experimented much with the other Dalmore spirits. Maybe it’s because we already have too many whiskies in our libraries (or so we’re told) or once we find something we love, we tend to stick with it. Either way that is not an excuse worth entertaining when there are so many good whiskies to try!

Citrus Fruits, chocolate, and aromatic spices.

Oranges, dried fruit, and vanilla

Roasted coffee and dark chocolate

You can always learn more about The Dalmore 12 and the other whiskies in the Dalmore family by visiting their website!

Also, for those of you looking to try a great line of whiskies from each region of Scotland, you should check out our Classic Malts of Scotland video where we review several whiskies from across the region!

The Dalmore Whisky bottle and glass

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