Learning How to Drink and Taste Whiskey UNBOXING

This is the first installment where we are trying the “For Whiskey Lovers” explorers club to learn how to drink and taste whiskey.  We’re looking to refine our pallets to discover the amazing ingredients in our whiskeys.  I was so excited to get this I kept on saying “scotch” instead of whiskey, since the program covers all whiskies!

In this unboxing video we review the first package that is delivered and what is included.

Whether you’re a fan of Irish Whiskey, American Whiskey, Scotch, or Bourbons, this Whiskey Explorers Club is one of the best ways to learn, explore, and sample a lot of different whiskeys.

Learn How To Drink and Taste Whiskey

This was an awesome gift from my amazing wife and I recommend anyone who likes whiskey should try this out. It’s a great way to find whiskeys you may have never known about while training you to properly taste and drink whiskey!

Join the Whiskey Explorers Club

Whiskey Explorers Club whiskeys join the club - How To Drink and Taste WhiskeyThis is the perfect gift for any whiskey, scotch, and bourbon fan.  Whether you’re new to the whiskey scene or you’ve been enjoying this sweet nectar for years, this will help you refine that pallet and learn a lot about whiskey! Join the Whiskey Explorers Club


More About The Explorers Club

Learn How to drink whiskey explorers clubMembers receive quarterly sample flights, each of which contain four (4) whiskey samples in 50mL bottles.  Each bottle is generically labeled, so that the only way the members can find out what they are tasting is to enter that generic code on our website, which initiates a game called “My Whisky IQ”.

The My Whisky IQ game requires members to enter their own tasting notes and ratings of the whisky by answering ten multiple choice questions that ask them to:

  • Describe the whisky’s color
  • Describe the whisky’s nose
  • Describe the whisky’s mouth feel
  • Describe the whisky’s taste
  • Describe the whisky’s finish
  • Rate the whiskey on a scale of 1-10
  • Guess the retail price of the whisky
  • Guess the brand of the whisky
  • Enter any comments they would like to add, free-text entry.

Join the Whiskey Explorers Club

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