Oban Little Bay Scotch Whisky Review – Oban Flights

The Oban Little Bay is less expensive than other Oban products (not by much) but still packs a lot of flavors. The Oban Little Bay doesn’t have an age specified however through its aging process, the Little Bay whisky is finished in smaller new oak casks giving it the name “Little Bay.” With this whisky we were able to pull fruits, citrus, and a slight hint of peat in this delicious dram. At 43% ABV, this dram is pretty smooth to sip with limited sharpness or burning when consumed neat, however, the more defined and aged Oban’s are much smoother. Other reviewers found hints of chocolate, pound cake cinnamon, almonds, and ginger. Although we didn’t taste all that, we did feel this was a great whisky to try. The Oban Little Bay has won several awards including Gold in tasting.com’s 2018 international review and silver in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018. We have always been a fan of the Oban family of whiskies. In this scotch flight, we’re trying several common to find Oban whisky products you can find almost anywhere. As for the MDM crew, we feel this is a great dram with a lot of flavors however when comparing prices since they are within $10 of each other, we would lean to one of the other Oban’s such as the standard 14-year whisky which has always been a show favorite.

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